Come be part of our 2023 exhibition on April 2nd. Registration is now open through March 10th. All skaters must be currently enrolled in our spring session. Please visit: Skating Club at Dartmouth – Class Registration ( and log in to register. Any questions please contact: [email protected]


Registration for our spring session will open on February 13th and run through February 23rd unless classes fill up before then. Please note, the SCAD season will be extended this season. Campion will be open through April 7th, 2023. Spring group lessons will run Feb. 27th through Thursday April 6th. Spring freestyle sessions will run Feb. 26th through April 7th.


Registration for our winter session will begin on Monday December 12th and run through December 22nd unless classes fill up before then. Our winter session classes begin the week of Jan. 2nd and run through Feb. 16th. Please visit our registration tab for more information.


Registration for our Winter session will open on Dec. 12th and run through Dec. 22nd unless classes fill up before then. You will be able to register for just our winter session which begins the week of Jan. 2nd or you can register for our winter and spring session. Registration for just our spring session will open Feb. 13th. Group lessons for our winter session run Jan. 2nd through Feb. 16th. Freestyle sessions will run through the week of Feb. 20th.


Our 2022-2023 is starting off with a bang! We are into our second week of our first session of the season! Registration for our Fall 2 session (Oct. 31st through Dec. 19th for basic skills, preschool, and hockey. Oct. 30th through Dec. 30th for our freestyle skaters) will open on Monday Oct. 17th. Please visit our registration page for more information.


8/22/22 We hope to have our ice finalized in the next few days which will allow us to confirm our registration forms for our upcoming season. Campion rink is opening Sept. 23rd and we will begin our group classes the week of Sept. 26th. Registration for our Fall 1 session (Sept. 26th through Oct. 28th), will begin on Wednesday Sept. 7th. Please email: [email protected] with any questions or for more information.