Our 2022-2023 session dates are:

Learn to Skate Program

  • Fall 1: September 26th through October 27th *Registration begins SEPT. 7th through SEPT. 21st, SPACE is limited*
  • Fall 2: October 31st through December 19th *Registration dates OCT. 17 through OCT. 27th (no class Thanksgiving, last Thursday class is 12/15)  SPACE is limited*
  • Winter: January 2nd through February. 16th. *Registration dates: DEC. 12th through DEC. 22nd.  SPACE is limited*
  • Spring: February 27th through March 23rd *Registration dates: FEB. 13th through FEB. 23rd. SPACE is limited*

Freestyle Program

  • Fall 1: September 23rd though October 28th *Registration begins SEPT. 7th.  through SEPT. 21st.
  • Fall 2: October 30th through December 30th *Registration dates: OCT. 17th through OCT. 27th. *No ice on Nov. 24th, Dec. 25th, and Dec. 26th.  
  • Winter: January 2nd through February. 24th *Registration dates: DEC 12th through DEC. 22nd.
  • Spring: February 26th through March 24th *Registration dates: FEB. 13th through FEB. 23rd.

 See the detailed ice and SCAD events calendar below.

Please note that the session dates are approximate, and ice time or lesson schedule for an individual program (e.g. PreSchool, Basic Skills or Freestyle) may vary. Specific dates for each program are detailed on that session’s registration form.


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