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Pre-school Program (Mondays & Thursdays)

The Pre-school Program is designed to help the preschool age skater develop preliminary coordination and strength necessary to maneuver on the ice. Pre-school skaters are on the ice for a 30-minute lesson and follow the US Figure Skating Snow Plow Sam learn-to-skate program.

Basic Skills Program (Mondays & Thursdays)
Basic Skills are broken down into Basic 1-6, pre-Freeskate thru Freeskate 2, which follows the US Figure Skating Learn to  Skate USA program. Group classes are assigned based on ability and divided into a 30 minute group lesson and 20 minutes of practice time. The eight levels of this program introduce the fundamental moves of skating. These skills are ESSENTIAL elements to become a stronger, more confident skater.  A skater must master all skills at a level before progressing. At the conclusion of Basic Skills, if so inclined, a figure skater may advance to the Freestyle Program.

Hockey Edge Power Skating Program (Thursdays)
The program includes a 30 minute group lesson as well as 20 minutes of open/practice skate. The class, for skaters who have passed Basic 2, focuses on edge control and and techniques needed to get the most power out of your edges.

Bridge Program (Sundays and Fridays when offered)
This program is available to any Pre-Free Skate skater who is enrolled in at least one day of group classes as well as any skater who has not tested their first US figure skating test.  We will offer a 30 min. group lesson followed by 15 minutes of open skating time where your child can practice the new elements he or she will be learning.  In the Bridge 1 Program, he or she will learn the elements in the Free Skate levels.  Skaters will also learn the elements in the Pre-Preliminary Moves in the Field test which is the first test they will take after they complete Pre-Free Skate, Free Skate 1, and/or Free Skate 2.

Freestyle (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Fridays, Sundays)
This program is for those skaters who have gone through Basic 1-6 and Pre-Free Skate and would like to pursue figure skating. In addition, skaters who have passed Basic Skills 6+ are eligible to participate in certain Freestyle sessions as well.

Adults (varies by session)
This program promotes physical fitness and improves balance and coordination while learning proper skating techniques. This program is open to beginner through advanced skaters and is scheduled based on skater demand.


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